In corporate travel, we offer our customers technology, quality and innovation for management. We have several platforms where the travel manager can extract information in real time (such as packages and prices) giving autonomy so that he can choose calmly and result in a better use.

The technology services include:

Online Booking Tool

Centralized for the use of the travel manager, the tool shows a customized panel accessible on-line that allows to read the company's travel policies reliably and assist in decision making. Among the highlights of the tool are:

  • Budget management
  • Ticket control
  • Control of non-flown tickets
  • Models (Travel insurance, currency purchase, currency exchange)
  • Passenger tracking
  • Management panel with real-time reports (done online)
  • Carbon offset reports (per flight segment)
  • Quotation control
  • Ticketing
  • Airfare reservation
  • Reservation of land tickets
  • Request authorization flow
  • Accommodation reservation: Everything done in a quick and simple way, available for smartphones, desktops, or other devices with internet connection so that passengers can do it anywhere and anytime without difficulty.

Integration ERP

We also use ERP integration, where invoice and purchase crossing is automated. Automation is expanded when entering customer data making it easy, agile, efficient and secure.

With Expense Management, in addition to eliminating the control made by spreadsheets, we gather all your company's expense information, such as:



Round Mileage




Business Intelligence

All of this spending control performed on just one platform. Punctuated control of each expense helps to reduce the number of unnecessary expenses, as well as assist in flawless accountability.

Our systems have Business Intelligence that architect information for analysis and comparison. The tool has the following supports:

  • Market Share
  • Annual evolution reports
  • Advance purchase
  • User ranking
  • Car rental according to the region and state sought
  • Saving lost (value indicator not saved at the time of search)
  • Justification for retroactive requests
  • Commercial agreements
  • Miles (by cost centers, segments and passengers)
  • Provisioned control of expenses
  • Purchasing planning
  • Evaluation of the best sections
  • Requests and Products
  • Ticket Tracking (comparison of used and unused tickets)
  • Comparison of Average Rate

In addition to the tools, we have our own team qualified to carry out the reconciliation of invoices on cards.

This conciliation process can also be done integrated with the customer's ERP, generating automation of the process and reducing Backoffice costs.