Business and leisure: how the Bleisure technique has transformed corporate travel

Corporate travel that integrates leisure now has a name: Bleisure. Coming from the combination of the terms "business" and "leisure", in this type of travel the professional can enjoy a few days at the destination designated by the company for leisure activities.

The Amadeus survey (BBC, 2020) indicated that:

97% of Brazilian travelers use Bleisure when traveling for work.

In addition to being interesting for the traveler, this travel tactic also adds to the company, as will be shown.

One of the great differentials is employee satisfaction. During this time provided by the company, they can learn more about the destination or even take the opportunity to rest. With free time, productivity increases, as there is not so much pressure and the traveler feels more relaxed.

In addition to the previously mentioned, this practice allows the employee to acquire knowledge. During events, it provides networking opportunities, contact with related professionals or from other areas and provides a new way of dealing with business.

As such, Bleisure is a new travel trend that has changed the corporate travel industry. With this technique, both the employee and the company make a profit.