We are always with you

The emergency sector is active 24 hours a day to resolve any situation that goes beyond the user's plan during the trip. Our professionals can resolve bookings, emissions, reservations and other last-minute problems that may occur. Although it manages to solve these problems, emergency care needs to follow rules so that the financial control of the companies is maintained within the conversation previously.

If there is a problem during the night, we also work during the hours of the morning to make you more comfortable and safer in the event of an unforeseen event. Our service channels are ready to serve you at any time, prioritizing the best experience without headaches for our customers.

Whatsapp 24h

(+55) 11 94724-9430

It is worth mentioning that the Travel Policy (document responsible for the command of corporate business trips) provides rules for the use of the Emergency. Therefore, the team is able to resolve unforeseen events, but will not be able to circumvent rules that were previously established.

We know, as do our customers, that it is necessary to offer solutions for problems caused by unforeseen circumstances or by improbable situations occurring at the last minute. Our goal is to serve you in the best possible way, thus enabling the best in emergency care.