Who We Are?

Martravel has been consolidating a leadership and trust position in the travel and tourism sector for the corporate segment.

With a team of tourism professionals with experience of over 20 years, we have a new concept in service that allows understanding the customer's need and desire in order to provide the best experience for both the corporate segment and the events and leisure sectors.


We offer our customers the best knowledge of the experiences accumulated by our professionals.


We serve several branches and commercial segments that provide us with a different position in treating customers in different circumstances, negotiations and situations.


With our set of different experiences, we add value and provide efficient and quick service solutions.


The team receives training and qualification with great experience for the service areas offered. Each job is assigned to a team member who has specific knowledge to perform it in the best way.

We have experience to provide our customers with solutions regardless of the level of complexity. Therefore, we have a solidified base with suitable professionals to better serve them.

We understand our customers' need for services that are fast and reliable.


Commitment to our customers' experience.
Simplicity, transparency and speed in decision making.
Cultivate ethical and lasting relationships with our customers.
Suppliers and collaborators.


To be recognized for exceeding the expectations of our customers and our employees.


Promote the best travel experience for our customers, shareholders and suppliers, generating value in all ecosystems in which they are inserted.

Quality Control

It is the exclusive area for handling events, reports and suggestions from our customers. With indicators, we measure the quality of our services and the satisfaction index, dedicated to the treatment of external feedbacks, compilation of data extracted from evaluations made via email or telephone, whether by travelers or applicants. Through this information, our sector identifies and treats all occurrences, so that each report can be used in a constructive way to improve our services. Also with these indicators, we can provide recycling, as well as recognize employees who stood out for the results obtained in each week and month.

Service Level Agreement

We manage all KPI's defined in the contract, according to the negotiations carried out with each client. We provide internal panels and dashboards, which allow monitoring and effective actions in SLA’s management. Initiative based on our confidence in having an exclusive and preferential service, which occurs by not charging 10% of the Transaction FEE in the amount of the month if our SLA is not reached.

Savings Plus Account

The Savings Plus Account is a service and exclusive differential of Martravel, where even after being approved, all requests are analyzed by our team of consultants, who in turn check the possibility of air tickets, rentals or accommodations cheaper than the ones chosen by customers via OBT. All these generated gains are accounted for and presented monthly, through indicator reports, by the relationship manager.